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Company Overview

A New Approach to a Changing Industry

CentRealTech, Inc. is a privately held “high performance” technology and services company led by former title industry and technology executives. The team set out in 2007 to become an established brand within the Title Insurance and Real Estate industries. Our strategy is to provide innovative services and technology that will eliminate manual processes from current industry practices, incorporate streamlined work flow processes with integrated information flows, and deliver complete property searches that facilitate “title ready” products and documentation within hours of the initial request.

This "high-performance business strategy” builds on using our industry knowledge, extensive service practices and acquired technical capabilities by aligning industry standards, regulatory processes and business practices with a dynamic digital Title Production Platform. The platform architecture is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) solution, designed and integrated via secured portals to the customer, the title plants, and the CentRealTech’s world class operations center. Our robust platform helps customers solve their most pressing business problems such as gaining entry into new markets, adding revenue growth in existing markets and improving operational performance, by delivering products and services more effectively and efficiently through their production systems.

A balanced professional approach works…our deep domain expertise allows us to quickly assess and expertly determine a path forward with our customers. Our strong title plant relationships will provide nationwide data fulfillment and our highly-experienced and well-trained title personnel will ensure that customers are the recipients of consistent, accurate and dependable property information and “title ready” products.

CentRealTech’s customer goal is to achieve superior levels of satisfaction by accommodating customers with service solutions that are complimentary to organization design, support operational mandates, conform to industry & regulatory standards; and deliver these service solutions on time with direct cost savings to the bottom line. As a high performance organization, CentRealTech provides customers with an Industry 1st…a guarantee for performance that supports definable, quantifiable and achievable results!

Think about it…CentRealTech has access to the largest network of title plants in the country allowing us to provide an automated title information platform that delivers key property information for title ready products all available from one SaaS solution.